AlfraVico Yacht by Cagnina Design

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AlfraVico Yacht
Alfra Vico Yacht by Cagnina Design – Form follows purpose, we can say that soon after checking out this beautiful look of Alfra Vico Yacht. It’s simple, clean, and luxurious, a transferring art on the seashore. Unsatisfied with common electronic systems you can find, Alfra Vico has chosen to invent and purpose-build brand-new patent pending digital control systems, mechanizations, cleats, and other important well-designed elements while keeping the aesthetics of every facet of this yacht.

AlfraVico Yacht 2 AlfraVico Yacht 3 AlfraVico Yacht 4 AlfraVico Yacht 5

AlfraVico Yacht 6
Design by Cagnina Design


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