Fujitsu Lifebook Txiii Laptop Concept by Rizki Tarisa

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Fujitsu Lifebook Txiii
The Fujitsu Lifebook Txiii Laptop concept banks heavily on the ‘”cut, fold and tuck” techniques. The shell is fashioned from your single sheet of material in order to reflect a simple general form with distinct details on every single edge by cutting, folding, as well as tucking! Features include flexible screen adjustment as well as convertibility from laptop to tablet. Any curious element to the design will be the placement of ports. Multimedia slots and ports with regard to audio, video and DVD drive are generally located on the left hand side. Individuals related to data transfer, Ethernet cable port, etc are usually located on the right. Pretty similar to just how our brain works and can be divided between creativity and analytic.

Rizki Tarisa Fujitsu Lifebook Txiii Laptop Concept Futuristic Fujitsu Lifebook Txiii Laptop Lifebook TXIII Fujitsu Laptop Concept Laptop Fujitsu Lifebook Txiii

Design Fujitsu Lifebook Txiii Laptop Concept
Design by Rizki Tarisa


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