Le Pliable Bike Concept by Saul Maret

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Le Pliable Bike
This is Le Pliable, a fold-up bike principle by Saul Maret. This one’s using the central headset placement with an X outline. Foldable in the framework, saddle, pedals, swingarm, and handlebar. According to where you’ve gotta store it, you can collapse one or all of the things I just listed. Accomplish what’s gotta be done! Just about all spare parts are regular, too, so this bicycle can be repaired quickly at any of your local bike shops. An essay you’ve got to lug this around after it’s folded away, no worries: the folded away position affords a wheel still moving to be able to push it close to like a golf caddy.
Folding Le Pliable Bike Concept

Saul Maret Le Pliable Bike Concept

Concept Le Pliable Bike
Design by Saul Maret


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