RowRay Vehicle Concept by Troels Ohman

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RowRay Concept
Made for adults and also children, this is the row-tastic exercising tool, similar to a major city bike, where you’re capable of rent, ride, and return without fret. Intended for low visitors areas, woodlands, beach front, park and household areas. Great for all kinds of forms of golf, row your way into the way forward for exercise and shared vehicle usage. It’s known as the RowRay, and it’s made to to use the back and row with your arms. This particular vehicle’s stripped down to the bare essentials to enable you to use it, or make it over a river when you’re on the Oregon piste, or row genuinely fast if you’re in the RowRay race.
Troels Ohman RowRay Vehicle

Design RowRay Vehicle RowRay Vehicle Concept

Cart RowRay Vehicle Concept
Design by Troels Ohman


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