Touch Effect Car Concept by Marco Sweston

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Touch Effect Car
The design was inspired by the Mercedes-Benz W25 from 1933. The heritage becomes apparent though the character lines have changed, yet the power and recognition of the original are retained. The configuration of the vehicle consists of several independent elements and is inspired by the human body. The main body is a very lightweight and stiff carbon frame which represents the bone. It is responsible for the overall stability of the vehicle and is surrounded by the second element- the muscles.

They are made of a flexible synthetic which is deformable by applying a voltage. They control the entire movement of the vehicle including suspension, steering and insulation. The ground clearance can be adjusted automatically and the vehicle is equipped with four-wheel steering. The exterior acrylic glass surfaces partially surround the “muscles”. They represent the skin of the concept which merges all parts into one volume and make them visible underneath, showing off their function. All elements combined allow a directed and controlled motion.

The two skin surfaces surround the driver like a brace to emphasize the seating position. The transparent hull is unveiled at areas which do not necessarily need a covering. This reduction and the see-through appearance reflect the idea of lightweight car construction. Eventually, the muscles flow into the interior and form a part of the steering. The vehicle is controlled by pulling the muscles – similar to the reins on a horse. The muscles accentuate the shape of the frame and run into the wheels to accentuate their function.
Race Touch Effect Car Concept

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Mercedes Benz Touch Effect Car Concept
Design by Marco Sweston


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