Activator Invisible PC Concept by Zhong Fa Lie & Yoori Koo

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Yoori Koo Activator PC Concept
Activator Invisible PC Concept Zhong Fa Lie & Yoori Koo is the potential and we get invisible smart particles working around cloud computing, setting the standards for new-age gadgets and units. With the flick of the wand, imagine drawing your gaming control or even calculator with a pen-esque gadget called the Activator PC. Basically everything you are doing is actually conjuring gadgets off thin air (infused while using smart particles) and activating apps and also features according in your needs. For a user-experience-driven world that we are living in, activating and visualizing magical connects as this, appear to be too farfetched. Even so, given the way many of us are progressing in the fields involving science and technologies, I’d bet my funds that the future carries a place for this specific concept.

Invisible Activator PC Concept Concept Activator Invisible PC

Zhong Fa Lie Activator PC Concept
Design by Zhong-fa Lie & Yoori Koo


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