Aliz Yacht by Heather Witkop

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Aliz Yacht
Aliz Yacht by Heather Witkop – The 145 foot Aliz concept yacht offers incorporated various environmentally friendly features aiming to supply ultimate luxury towards the boarders. This innovative design and style combines traditional as well as modern elements including eco-friendly materials, energy efficient methods and a wave lowering hull, making it a special recreation center on water. By using smooth, organic curves and organic materials, this luxury boat is surprisingly lovely from both the inside and exterior landscapes. The yacht features four decks, each and every equipped with unique and engaging events to make the journey enjoyable for that passengers. The areas are open and convertible, featured along with natural colors along with bright accents to let the owner customize the design according to his/her taste.
Aliz Yacht 2

Aliz Yacht 3 Aliz Yacht 4 Aliz Yacht 5 Aliz Yacht 6

Aliz Yacht 7
Design by Heather Witkop


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