ARK Solar Boat by Janne Leppanen

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ARK Solar Boat
ARK Solar Boat by Janne Leppanen – In the year 2020, most aspects of the world have drowned under water because of excessive increase regarding sea level that has been a result of massive snow melting because of severe ecological imbalance. The basic idea of the ARK photo voltaic boat is to encounter such a situation through creating an environmentally friendly combination of a house and also a boat with all feasible luxuries. The first thing that possibly seeing the flying house is its huge open space using a surface like that of indoor basketball legal courts. However, the entire surface of the boat is equipped with multilayer solar panel systems that can produce the mandatory energy from the sun to electrify the entire boat. The concrete floor hull is tough with plastic fabric, making it stable and also rigid enough to use even in winter season. Other parts of the concept are constructed of natural fiber upvc composite. The aim of the concept is usually to provide people such a floating habitable residence through which they can are able of moving around even during the harsh ecological problem with pleasure.
ARK Solar Boat 2

ARK Solar Boat 3

ARK Solar Boat 4
Design by Janne Leppanen


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