Blue Dynamic Land Yacht by Stefan Radev

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Blue Dynamic Land Yacht
Blue Dynamic Land Yacht by Stefan Radev – The Blue Dynamic is really a land yacht which includes three wheels along with a sail, with the make an effort to design a wind powered vehicle that incorporates a stylish and unique manner of commuting. This mixture of yachting and a sports car features a strong design and the sleek windscreen to provide ultimate security for the driver which can be elevated upward combined with steering wheel and dash to make the accessibility of the driver. The particular durable sail posseses an intermediary connection to one’s body through two steps and can be fine-tuned automatically or manually as per the breeze direction through the sail control unit. The interior has also been uniquely produced by using high-quality materials that provides the feel of luxury luxury boat. A black sideline covers the cockpit boundaries and underlines places like dashboard and especially the navigation tool that shows breeze direction.
Blue Dynamic Land Yacht 2

Blue Dynamic Land Yacht 3

Blue Dynamic Land Yacht 4
Design by Stefan Radev


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