Leaf Wireless Kinetic Mouse Concept by Lu Hairong & Zhang Xuehui

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Leaf Wireless Mouse
Leaf Wireless Kinetic Mouse scores big time about looks and has a decent adequate direction as considerably as tech aspects go. The 1 thing that we all do with our mouse the most is to move that around. Based on this, the designers have created a new concept that uses its motion in order to self-power the mouse. It sounds similar to a whiff of air pertaining to now, but envision if we may have a wireless mouse that failed to tank up on thus many batteries every month? Since I use it so much, My partner and i tend to replace my Magic Mouse battery every single 7-8 days.

Design Leaf Wireless Mouse Concept Kinetic Leaf Wireless Mouse Concept

Lu Hairong Zhang Xuehui Leaf Wireless Kinetic Mouse
Design by Lu Hairong & Zhang Xuehui


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