Minimalist LED Watch Concept by Felix Runde

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On February 17, 2017
Last modified:March 6, 2012


Minimalist LED Watch
The design elements should be square and circular. No decoration except for the strap. Timeless. There is a large and a small point of light. One reads the time like an analog clock. There is no specific target group, because the design is more neutral. However, the draft intended more masculine. Less is more with premium character.

TokyoFlash Minimalist LED Watch Concept
Minimalist LED Watch Concept by Felix

Felix says:
I’ve always wanted to make a jewel-like clock, which is minimalist and timeless.

Felix Minimalist LED Watch Concept 2012 Minimalist LED Watch TokyoFlash

Futuristic Minimalist LED Watch Felix
Design by Felix Runde


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