One Person Hybrid Vehicle by Facundo Elias


One Person Hybrid Vehicle
This futuristic vehicle is an excellent one-hybrid vehicle created mainly to carry A couple of different technologies which include one for burning and other one on an electric. In terms of the vehicle’s internal combustion engine, it functions 160 cc 4-stroke, over head valve, and a power of 5.5hp at 3600rpm with centrifugal grip involving Chinese origin and also a 4 liter vehicle’s gas tank. With the electric motor functioning at 48 volts using a torque of 30Nm and an efficiency of 69%, it needs nearly 6 hours involving connection to 220 volts to become recharged. The vehicle incorporates a range of 4 a long time in continuous use while both the engines are running with the same moment. This particular hybrid transportation may be constructed using blend steel with no compromises to its initial structure. To hide each functional component and safeguard the user from temperature materials and also fluids, fairings were created that envelops the actual cockpit and glasses the user from part collisions that are consumed by it. Well, the particular chair is made beyond fiberglass and recycled leather, which helps stop bruises over the lower back.
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