Timebender LCD Watch Concept by Lloyd Mushy

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On February 16, 2017
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Timebender LCD Watch

TIMEBENDER Watch Lloyd Mushy
Timebender LCD Watch Concept by Lloyd Mushy

Lloyd says:
This concept watch design is called “Timebender” because its ‘hands’ sometimes look bent and droopy. They are also very reminiscent of the melting clocks in Salvador Dali’s painting “The Persistence of Memory” and give the design a surrealistic feel.

Each pair of ‘hands’ on this watch is actually the top of a digit with a dot added just to help create the illusion that they are watch hands. All you have to do, therefore, to find out the 4-digit time or date is figure out which digit each of the 4 pairs of ‘hands’ belong to. It’s that easy. The ‘hands’ do not move. Please take a look at the explanatory diagrams below.

This watch is USB rechargeable via a computer. Its strap is made from a man-made material that is animal friendly and the LCD display is “always on”. It comes with a choice of several different coloured straps and the display is available in different colours too. I feel this design would appeal to anyone who likes puzzles, art, surrealism, games, quirky things, lateral thinking, creativity and thinking “outside the box”. This design stands out because of its completely original and slightly wacky looking display which is also modern-looking and very simple to read.

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2012 Timebender LCD Watch Concept
Design by Lloyd Mushy [via]


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