Chromodynamics Analog Watch Concept by Logan Design

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On March 25, 2017
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Chromodynamics Analog Watch
Chromodynamics Analog Watch Concept by Logan Design is a fully analog watch using three semi-transparent disks that rotate like normal watch hands. The red and black disk could be the hours hand, green and black is the minutes hand, and blue and also black is the seconds hand (hours, minutes, seconds read within order RGB). The way these kind of disks overlap creates complex color arrangements, but the time is actually still easy you just read. In fact, there are two different approaches for reading the particular time (see diagram – e.g., to determine your hours/red part, you can either appear for where the red color can be or where the red color is just not). The case and strap are usually made from polished aluminum.

2012 TokyoFlash Chromodynamics Analog Watch Design

Logan says:
Chromodynamics is my most beautiful watch design to date. My goal was to display the time with a complex arrangement of colors.

Futuristic Chromodynamics Analog Watch Concept

Logan Design Chromodynamics Analog Watch
Design by Logan Design


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