CLB Analogue Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow

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On March 24, 2017
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CLB Analogue Watch

TokyoFlash CLB Analogue Watch Concept
CLB Analogue Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow

Sam says:
Analog watches might be traditional, but they can look so cool. I liked what I did with an earlier design called Cypher. I continued playing around with circle based shapes for an analog watch. The result is Cypher’s Little Brother. CLB Analogue Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow is almost completely made of matte black steel. The hour hand is a big half circle and the one end in clockwise direction indicates the hour. The minute hand is narrower and works similar. But it is below the hour hand, so it’s mostly not seen completely. I like this interlocking – makes the watch look more complex. 50% of the time, the minute indicator is covered by the hour hand. In that case, just look at the free end of the minute hand and add 30 minutes. Little triangles on the hour and minute hand as well as some indicators at the dial bottom are a little help.

Second hands are fun, because they make the watch look busy. I made a colored ring that’s moving like a second hand but doesn’t actually tell the seconds. It appears as a size and color changing circle segment and gives the black watch a nice colorful accent. In order to place the watch hands in the opposite order than normal but to use a traditional mechanism, this has been turned upside down. You change the battery at the top of the case! There is this screw-cap with a coin gap that makes the watch seem to be a little reactor or something else worth keeping locked. The watch looks mechanical and futuristic, diversified but also strict and sober. I think fans of science (fiction or fact) and arts (minimalistic and geometrical) would like it.

2012 CLB Analogue Watch Concept Jerichow Sam CLB Analogue Watch Concept Watch CLB Analogue Watch

Samuel Jerichow CLB Analogue Watch Design
Design by Samuel Jerichow [via]


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