Codex Cube LCD Watch Concept by Firdaus & Heather Sable

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On March 27, 2017
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Codex Cube Watch
Codex Cube LCD Watch Concept by Firdaus & Heather Sable is sporty, yet fashionable unisex watch has a two-tone hexagonal case with a two-tone strap. The colored part of the two-tone case highlights the hours, whose digits are shown inside the negative, while your minutes and seconds are shown inside positive. The digits of the time are read in the exact same fashion as those in the Kisai 3D Unlimited watch – top, left side, right side. The size of the Codex Cube watch is meant to be similar to that of the 3D Unlimited too. The dynamic display is cryptic looking, nevertheless quite readable. Though there have been other submissions featuring a new positive and unfavorable display, this one stands out since it highlights this quirky feature in a unique two-tone scenario.

2012 Codex Cube LCD Watch Concept

Firdaus & Heather say:
The display for this LCD watch concept, Codex Cube, was inspired by the Kisai 3D Unlimited display. By using triangular digits (originally developed for our previous Codex submission) instead of rectangular ones, we can display two digits on each “face”, allowing room for hours, minutes, and alas, the ever-changing seconds.

LCD Codex Cube Watch Concept TokyoFlash Codex Cube LCD Watch Concept Watch Concept Codex Cube LCD Watch Design Codex Cube Watch Firdaus Heather Sable

Heather Sable Firdaus Codex Cube LCD Watch Concept
Design by Firdaus TokyoFlash & Heather Sable


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