Edd Mobile Phone Concept by Anurag Sarda

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On March 10, 2017
Last modified:September 29, 2012


Edd Mobile Phone
Edd Mobile Phone Concept by Anurag Sarda

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Features big numbers which make it ideal for elderly people. As you can see here, the buttons are well spaced out, making it easy for user to press. The display also features huge fonts for easy to read, smiley face bulge at the top helps orienting the ear with the phone for better and clearer audio, it’s also a good way to keep some distance between the face and the phone to avoid any heat contact emitted by the phone. Edd Phone might not a smartphone but it features basic features necessary to make a phone call or text message for elderly people such as voice dialing.

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Anurag Sarda Innovation Edd Mobile Phone Concept Designer
Design by Anurag Sarda


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