The Beast M55 Bike by M55 Bike

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M55 Bike
It’s called “The Beast” and it’s developed and executed simply by M55 Bikes and it should go 40 miles per hour. A single charge on this power bike and you’ll go as far as 75 kilometers even off-road. That’s impressive, sure? It’s made of custom parts created by M55′s seasoned designers, using technology and materials employed in Formula One cars and supersportscars alike. Titanium, carbon fiber, CNC machining, and a brushless motor mechanism. Each of the non-custom parts on this marvelous machine are of the finest quality, chosen with the M55 crew to meet glowing standards. It’s got a new hybrid drive, so that it is an addition to your high-falootin human powers. Whenever the sensor feels you need some extra twisting, it packs any punch and blasts you forward, increasing number your power such as one of those Japanese exosuits through the comic books. Such a creature.

M55 Bike The Beast The Beast Bike The Beast M55 Bike

The Beast M55 Bike M55 Bike
Design by M55 Bike


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