Audi Y10 Yacht Concept by Krassi Dimitrov

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Audi Y10 Yacht Concept Krassi Dimitrov
Audi Y10 Yacht Concept by Krassi Dimitrov – The impressive design lines, the rushing look, the fact that it is an Audi inspired private yacht, make the Y10 a must upon anyones shopping list. Krassi Dimitrov, the guy behind the Y10, provided the Audi Race Division a new track to test their knowledge: the open seas. The Audi Y10 is a conceptual luxury yacht design proposal regarding Audi. The design is actually inspired from Audi’s most up-to-date car models. Krassi were able to imbue the Y10, the actual sportivity and elegance, the specific collections and the brand’s racing background. The large window which covers the entire part of the yacht, would like to emphasize the car inspiration, but it also guarantees plenty of light inside Y10. The top deck was made with pure style. The dark home windows, the lightweight supplies and the bright timber combine perfectly. The particular lounge area continues to be placed on the top terrace towards the end. This area has been imagined in a wine red colour, reminding us all that this is not just a great Audi yacht is an RS. The feel of burgundy furthermore inspires nobility and gives the yacht a new dominating presence in a ordinary dock. The application of lightweight materials inside the fabrication of the Y10, for instance carbon material and Kevlar fiber, ensures an easy voyage and less fuel consumption. The propulsion for this yacht will be hybrid, thus the dog owner can switch among electrical and TDI operated engines. The beauty, be simple shape and colors, the clean design and style that combines elegance and also sportivity under one roof, make the Y10 worthy to put a name with regard to Audi in the open oceans.
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Audi Y10 Yacht Concept Krassi Dimitrov 3

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Design by Krassi Dimitrov


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