Bugatti Startos Motorcycle Concept by Bruno Delussu

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Bugatti Startos
This is a motorcycle principle going by the name Bugatti startos designed by Bruno Delussu. This name, Bugatti startos, means “Snake Road”, a fabulous name for a rather snake-like auto. With a body made from fiberglass to make the whole thing light, placing the rider in the same position as a racing motorcycle (lying on the bodywork,) and a cute traditional speedometer. Believe it or not, this motorcycle uses an internal burning engine, NOT an electric. Wow, I never thought, but always hoped, that this day will come. A day where the custom has to explain themselves for having anything aside from an energy-conscious engine. Thanks for visiting the future of responsible pondering? I hope so. A few words from Bruno Delussu.
Bruno Delussu Bugatti Startos Motorcycle

Concept Bugatti Startos Motorcycle

Design Bugatti Startos Motorcycle
Design by Bruno Delussu


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