Hybrid Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher

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On April 22, 2017
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Hybrid Watch
Hybrid Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher – The time telling method is very simple, the particular arrow shaped hand has 12 LCD (or LED) blocks representing the hours. This palm is part of any disc which rotates powered by the mechanised movement to point in direction of the minutes. Around the outside with the disc is a ring of LCD (or perhaps LED)blocks that represent the seconds, this presents the watch some animation.

Concept Design Hybrid Watch

2012 Hybrid Watch Concept
This design will certainly hopefully stand out due to its simple time studying method and combination or new and old. Employing two technologies that are tried and tested should include feasibility to the designs credentials. The form furthermore lends itself to pre-existing watch housings, again incorporating to the viability.

Peter says:
This is “Hybrid” a watch that combines both LCD (or LED) with a mechanical analogue movement.

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Watch Concept Hybrid
Design by Peter Fletcher


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