Ku Phone Concept by Ilya Tkach

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Ku Phone Concept
Ku Phone Concept by Ilya Tkach – Nowadays, touchscreens are considerably being used by cellphone manufacturers but amongst many others, missing regarding tactility problem is taking place usually. Ku Phone is a innovative touchscreen phone notion that can overcome this kind of problematic approach by simply passing a temperate electric current for different content sizes both linear along with three-dimensional ones. This device is designed to form buttons, buttons, wipers, etc on the surface of the mobile for any particular application. Furthermore, this phone could demonstrate finger force to a given region and a moderate resistant or a feedback can be done accordingly. For example, button pressing or wiper movement at the cell phone can completely mimic the analogous the different parts of traditional systems.

Ku Phone Concept 2 Ku Phone Concept 3

Ku Phone Concept 4
Design by Ilya Tkach


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