SEIKO Grow Watch Concept by Andrea Morgante

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Seiko Grow Watch
Seiko Grow Watch Concept by Andrea Morgante was presented on the public in Basel at “Baselword” the actual world’s biggest and most crucial event for the watch and jewellery market in March 2012. Italian Designer Andrea Morgante has always been inspired by natural and organic engineering, that is, the effect of shapes found inside nature on his perform. So when he had been offered to do a wristwatch pertaining to Alessi, he couldn’t help but apply the actual ribbed look of a tray he designed previously thus creating a watch where grooves permeates via it entirely, from the bracelet towards the case and then for the glass.

2012 Seiko Grow Watch Design

Alessi Grow Watch Concept
Every element has been designed to grow harmonically into the other, so the watch is perceived as being a single, organic entity as opposed to an assembly of physical parts. The grooves permeate the entire watch: generated from the bracelet’s ends they gradually grow inside volume, defining the watch’s case and also glass. Grow watch is an external manifestation of the intimate qualities of each of our body.

2013 Grow Watch Concept Watch Concept Seiko Grow Watch Design Image Seiko Grow Watch Concept Futuristic Seiko Grow Watch Concept Seiko Grow Watch Alessi Concept Andrea Morgante

Andrea Morgante Seiko Grow Watch Concept
Design by Andrea Morgante


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