Alstom Deconstruccio Train Concept by Guido Dodero & Ruben Oya

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On May 9, 2017
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Alstom Deconstruccio
Alstom Deconstruccio Train Concept by Guido Dodero & Ruben Oya , a new train design and style for Catalonia, Spain, these industrial designers feature unique mosaic theme inside out. Inspired by Antoni Gaudí’s works, a new Spanish Catalan architect (1852 – 1926) and figurehead regarding Catalan Modernism, this train is trying for you to represent his strong Catalan character by simply applying mosaic theme on its exterior as well as interior.

Ruben Oya Alstom Deconstruccio Train
Alstom Deconstruccio, this up coming generation train concept involving Catalonia offers modern-day and stylish spacious lobbies along with huge windows. As a way to promote breathtaking views of Catalan landscape, most information can be projected on windows, with this way, passengers’ attention will probably be focused on them. By utilizing these kinds of kinds of digital camera projects, all travelers will certainly stay informed and vandalism upon screen can be avoided.

Guido Dodero Alstom Deconstruccio Train Concept
Based on distinct type involving travel from small to long distance journey, this train provides different facilities. Inside the train, there are 3 various areas which each and every of these areas purpose can be distinguished determined by its seat design. There are conventional seats, stools with individual table for relaxing or even work activities and folding seats for greater flexibility in space.

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Design Alstom Deconstruccio Train Concept
Design by Guido Dodero & Ruben Oya


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