Breaking Boat Concept by Jan Gielens

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Breaking Boat
Industrial designer Jan Gielens creates a boat known as “Breaking“. The people who read about Breaking have their nose-cartilages broken after you have crammed them against their computer monitors, and all is effectively. It’s a giant shape. It’s a small boat shaped like a boat you’ve never before seen, allow me to assure you. You’ll be touring so hard in this Busting boat you wont ever before want to pilot among those “old-timey” boats again. This specific boat is a merchandise of studies made by former lecturer (Agora department regarding Universidad Libre Las Colinas) Jan Gielens. The first of those studies dates completely back to the Nineteen-eighties. This vehicle is designed based on sound water mechanic principles, employing a series of aero and hydrodynamic properties thatmake this boat proceed very very fast.
Yacht Breaking Boat Concept

Concept Breaking Sport Boat Design Breaking Boat Concept

Jan Gielens Breaking Boat Concept
Design by Jan Gielens


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