DENDROGRAM LCD Watch Concept by Cory Farris

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On May 20, 2017
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Dendrogram LCD Watch
DENDROGRAM LCD Watch Concept by Cory Farris – The hours are denoted in semicircles on the inner dendrogram. The minutes form the outer graph, with each five minute segment forming one portion of the data set for easy recognition. Each fifteen minute segment completes one fourth of the graph’s data sets. The fifteen, thirty, forty five, and sixty minute segments are capsule shaped instead of circular for easier recognition.

TokyoFlash Dendrogram LCD Watch

Cory says:
Dendrograms are in the words of a friend of mine “possibly the coolest graphical means of illustrating data ever.” Seeing circular dendrograms out of a linux based computation got me to thinking of how I could fashion a timepiece out of the graphing method.

Watch Concept Dendrogram Design

Cory Farris Dendrogram Watch
Design by Cory Farris[via]


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