Eidetic USB Concept by Lim Jae Min

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On May 22, 2017
Last modified:February 17, 2012


Eidetic USB
My iMac is placed facing its back to the wall and plugging in any USB wire is kinda shot-in-the-dark for me. Unless I turn the entire monitor to one side…you get my drift, right? As my struggle continues, I often wonder why couldn’t they design the plug-head to be more instinctive to hook-up. Something like the Eidetic USB; very obvious which way this plug goes in. Plus a random touch to the slot can confirm the way you slide it in. Superb!

Concept Eidetic USB Wire Slot Eidetic USB Design Lim Jae Min

Lim Jae Min Eidetic USB Concept
Design by Lim Jae Min [via]


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