KAZU Anagram Watch Concept by Lloyd Mushy

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On May 11, 2017
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KAZU Watch
KAZU Anagram Watch Concept by Lloyd Mushy is USB rechargeable via a computer, the strap is manufactured from an animal friendly material along with the display is “always on”. It comes with a choice of numerous different coloured straps and the display is actually available in different colours too. This specific design stands out because of its original cryptic display which is modern-looking and very simple to read. Also, simply because the numbers could be shown in so several different ways, anyone won’t be bored by the display.

2012 KAZU Anagram Watch Design KAZU Anagram Watch Concept

Lloyd says:
This concept watch design is called “Kazu” after the Japanese word meaning ‘numbers’. I thought it would be fun to create a watch that uses the letters that make up the numbers 0 to 9 instead of the digits themselves and present them in a puzzling way.

TokyoFlash KAZU Anagram Watch Concept
The actual 4-digit time and date are each displayed in the leading 4 rows of the display. In each of these rows the letters that make-up the number in that row possess been rotated and/or shrunk to form an enigmatic looking number, temperature, sum, etc. The great point about this is the same number can be displayed inside many different methods so you won’t find bored too easily. Furthermore, the 7 first letters of the days from the week have also recently been rotated to form numbers along with these are displayed in the bottom row.

Futuristic KAZU Watch Concept Watch Design KAZU Concept

Lloyd Mushy KAZU Watch Concept
Design by Lloyd Mushy


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