Lamborghini LMP-F


lamborghini lmp f concept
Imagine a Formula 1 Lamborghini car that can also compete at Le Mans. Lamborghini originates up a distinctive racing vehicle concept created because the Lamborghini LMP-F Race Vehicle. Mixing the individuality of both F1 and Le Guys racing concept, this model vehicle gives existence a roaring and zipping perception that’s really a sustained fantasy idea of designer Sabino Leerentveld. Attracted on lines to be quick and ferocious, the LMP-F Race vehicle will certainly customize the sports scenario to some more effective and compelling mode.
lamborghini lmp f concept2
lamborghini lmp f concept3
lamborghini lmp f concept4
lamborghini lmp f concept5
lamborghini lmp f concept6
lamborghini lmp f concept7
lamborghini lmp f concept8
Design by Sabino Leerentveld


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    11/03/2011, 01:22 am

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