Bubbles LCD Watch Concept by Lloyd Mushy

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On June 30, 2017
Last modified:April 2, 2012


Bubbles Watch
Bubbles LCD Watch Concept by Lloyd Mushy

Lloyd says:
In this concept watch design called “Bubbles” the digits are hidden in groups of bubbles. Each of the watch’s 4 oval windows contains 8 identical overlapping transparent bubbles.

The 9 resulting lens-shapes formed where they overlap resemble the segments used to display LCD digits. By removing lines from the appropriate lens shapes, a clearly discernible digit is left amongst the bubbles in each window. The diagrams below show this more clearly.

This watch has a time and a date mode and is USB rechargeable via a computer. The time display can be set to “always on” or “off” to prolong battery life. It comes with a choice of several different coloured straps, either plain or with a funky bubble pattern, and the display comes in different colours too. In addition, there is a “quick reveal” option so that you can just display the digits without the bubbles.

I feel this design would appeal to anyone wanting a quirky way of telling the time. This design stands out because of its unusual bubble display. It also has a slightly Gothic look and is easy to read.

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Lloyd Mushy Bubbles LCD Watch Concept
Design by Lloyd Mushy


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