Earpiece LG Tag Phone by Eric Stoddard

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Earpiece LG Tag Ear Phone
Earpiece LG Tag Phone by Eric Stoddard – This is the mobile phone for those who want to simplify their own life while setting up a statement. In today’s hyperconnected planet, our electronic devices are becoming more interconnected through the Internet, WiFi, high speed broadband and
Bluetooth. The LG Tag can be a refreshingly simple mobile phone that clips to the ear for ultimate portability and nearly hands-free use, shattering the paradigm with the handheld “brick”. Unlike a radio headset that hyperlinks to your existing device, Tag is able to stand-alone as a fully functional cellular phone. It is operated by a simple touch screen employing basic scrolling and tapping functions to find their way the menus, even when it’s being worn. Tone of voice activation is another strategy to navigate. Data access and other more complex jobs can be handled via wifi connection to a PC and other mobile device utilizing a proprietary website, as well as it can link to your preferred social networking sites like Facebook. By shifting the more complex functionality to other devices, the LG Tag is refreshingly basic and hands-free. It is a basic cellular phone that works! Borrowing from the circular geometry of the LG logo, the front will be dominated by a simple circular touch screen. There are no outside buttons or visual clutter. The back side is more intricate compared to front, featuring a phone speaker surface shaped like audio waves with an printed LG logo with the center, surrounded by the serpentine earpiece. This uncommon attention to detail around the back side shows the personal and “precious” nature of the Tag.
Earpiece LG Tag Ear Phone 2

Earpiece LG Tag Ear Phone 3
Design by Eric Stoddard


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