Magic Stone Phone Concept by Aleksander Mukomelov

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Magic Stone Phone Concept
Magic Stone Phone Concept by Aleksander Mukomelov – I know, I want 1 too. I don’t believe there is a living heart and soul out there who wouldn’t want one. This amazing phone features all the functions of your contemporary phone including: mobility, constant Net connection, access to documents, video games and the best possibilities and means of communication and contact. But these are just basic features. The most crucial feature is, you could create your own cell phone case, fully customizable, painted with images you pick from the Internet, you could make the phone of your dream, a brand to get in touch with your own. With the “Magic Stone” each client will be able to feel themselves a creator and also to see a real embodiment involving it’s creation. Year after year involve self-expression is growing.
Another interesting feature, is that the telephone doesn’t require a power charge, it’s case is covered with a nano-material which converts the Sun light into electricity or you can use your wireless charging, this means the battery is recharged from magnetic areas. The “Magic Stone” has a touch screen display, but the show is also a hologram projector which is created by a laser. The hologram can be used to project the keyboard for text message typing, a map being a GPS, 3D objects such as games, a youtube video or picture viewer, the laser bunches can read the action in the holographic projection industry enabling the user to be able to stretch, minimize, swivel or bank your hologram.
The designer, Aleksander Mukomelov, had the idea about everything an end user would want from his or her phone. The “Magic Stone” seemed to be awarded a winner in debt Dot Design Award 2009.
Magic Stone Phone Concept 2

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Magic Stone Phone Concept 6
Design by Aleksander Mukomelov


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