MASK LCD lEET Watch Concept by Anders

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On June 24, 2017
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MASK LCD lEET Watch Concept by Anders

Anders says:
This submission actually consists of two display concepts with a common hardware design. The ideas were so similar in layout it struck me as unnecessary to come up with two separate cases, which would probably have been very similar anyway. The displays are both HD LCD or LED.

The first display, Mask, is a digital watch with a twist; only the middle third of the numbers are shown, making it almost runic in appearance. lEET, however, uses Leetspeak to baffle the casual observer. The numbers can be substituted for a range of glyphs, as shown in the images.

Design-wise the hardware is fairly straight-forward, with the exception of the tubular strap which is split, folded and clamped to the body and buckle. The watch itself is metal, allowing for a variety of colours and finishes. The size might also be adapted in a men’s and a women’s version.

Being a traditional watch on the face of it, this would appeal to those who like ‘flying under the radar’, drawing attention only when it’s wanted. The styling is low-key enough to appeal to a wide demographic, and the tech allows for multiple themes, perhaps as purchasable updates from TF.

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Anders MASK lEET Watch Concept
Design by Anders TokyoFlash


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