Quark LED Cufflinks Watch Concept by Logan Design

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On June 22, 2017
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Quark LED Cufflinks Watch
Quark LED Cufflinks Watch Concept by Logan Design

Logan says:
The inspiration is “Tokyoflash formal wear.” The result is LED watch cufflinks. Let’s call them Quarks. Like the particles, they are small and come in pairs. I present the Up and Down Quarks.

LED watch cufflinks necessarily have a small display area, presenting a design challenge for clearly communicating the time. The Up and Down Quark cufflinks, which are worn as a pair, offer two solutions. The Up Quark cufflink shows the four digits of the time in sequence using an LED segmented display that fills as much of the display area as possible, while remaining easy to read. The Down Quark cufflink counts each of the digits on a 3×3 array of LED dots (0 is displayed by a quick diagonal animation).

The white LEDs shine through a smoked lens, like S-Mode Oberon. The lens is touch-sensitive — tap to display the time, hold to enter time-setting mode or switch between 12-hour and 24-hour display. The body is silver-plated stainless steel.

The display part of the cufflink twists off of the base to reveal a circular battery compartment for a small button cell. The outside wall of the compartment could be threaded like a screw, or have a slot in which a pin travels, to make the closure.

It might be a technical challenge to make the cufflink as thin as is shown in the diagram. How much thickness is really needed for the electronics and battery? The Retsu watch, which Tokyoflash released many years ago, was only 8mm thick. How far has the technology advanced since then?

When you celebrate your IPO, when you’re at the Embassy Ball, or when you want to add a little class to your office meeting, Quark cufflinks will set you apart.

From wristwatches to pocket watches to cufflinks — a natural progression in formal wear. Quark cufflinks are in the tradition of elegant Tokyoflash designs like Denshoku, Oberon, and R75 that can be worn on the most important occasions.

2012 Quark LED Cufflinks Watch Design TokyoFlash Quark LED Cufflinks Watch Concept

Logan Design Quark LED Cufflinks Watch Concept
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