Rotor 360 Camera Concept by Charlie Nghiem

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Rotor 360 Camera Concept Charlie Nghiem
For a point-and-shoot girl at all like me, navigating through high-tech video cameras with their various alternatives is kinda overwhelming. I want my digicam to be with all the extras, but be simple enough for me to keep the guide book away! The solution depends on the Rotor Three hundred and sixty Camera, a concept devised to keep menus as well as sub-menus easy. The design includes a spine tabular column which brings together all the essential functions in one place for max use.
As Charlie explains, “The column consists of many cylinders stacked on top of the other person forming a set that will in would go with the camera. To access the functions and menus, just drag the flash on the cylinder come in order to swivel each function. Each and every cylinder would correspond to a line shown on the screen.”
Simplified Rotor 360 Camera Concept Charlie Nghiem

Design Rotor 360 Camera Concept

Frontside Rotor 360 Camera Concept
Design by Charlie Nghiem


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