BioLite CampStove USB Charger Concept by BioLiteStove

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On July 24, 2017
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BioLite CampStove USB Charger
BioLite CampStove USB Charger Concept by BioLiteStove solves both of those problems, every one of the while remaining off of the grid along with their newly designed BioLite Campstove and USB Charger. This ingenious device can easily charge the iPhone while cooking anyone a hot meal concurrently running directly away sticks gathered from the floor. The technology utilized by the BioLite produces efficient heat using a combustion chamber and insulated chimney strategy.

USB Charger BioLite CampStove Concept
The BioLite can easily then make electricity from the heat produced through the burning fire through any transduction process. As many of us dive deeper into the year, it’s about that will time for you to start preparing for the summertime camping season. One of the most important components pertaining to your up coming camping trip will be a new camp stove, and seeing that will we usually love to be “connected” you want may possibly want to consider some variety of portable charger also.

CampStove BioLite CampStove USB Charger Design Eco Friendly BioLite CampStove USB Charger Design BioLiteStove BioLite CampStove

2012 Futuristic BioLite CampStove USB Charger
Design by BioLiteStove


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  1. Liz T.

    05/25/2012, 09:37 am

    Hi All, We’re thrilled to announce that the BioLite CampStove is now available for sale at the newly redesigned Pre-orders start shipping June 1 and new orders will be processed on a first-come first-served basis. Thank you for making our first product launch such a success. We can’t wait to share a summer of CampStove adventures together. -The BioLite Team


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