Bracelet Watch Concept by Jeffrey Kortekaas

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On July 12, 2017
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Bracelet Watch
Bracelet Watch Concept by Jeffrey Kortekaas

Jeffrey says:
“I bought my girlfriend a square watch, and on my desk was a Wacom tablet with lights which you can only see when they come on… and an idea popped into my head! It was not perfect at first but it all came together in the end.

The design itself is very simple, but it works and feels good. The time is displayed by simply counting the blocks for hours and minutes. To make reading the time easier, I created 4 large blocks which each represent 6 hours of time – to show AM and PM, up to 24 hours. Next to those blocks are hours, a total of 12, the 4 bigger blocks divide those in four groups of 3 hours. Next to that is minutes and seconds, a total of 60 blocks each. Every hour divides min in 5, so 5 groups of 12 minutes.

When the watch is on or off it doesn’t look sci-fi. The watch is not to hard to read, you don’t need to be a genius. The design is very neutral, so i don’t see older people wearing it, more in the range of 16-26 – trendy people, which is very common nowadays.

Most watch designs like this are very complex in telling time and design, which is fun, but i want the strange time telling with a very simple design, especially not to sci-fi,big or complex, which myself will not wear very fast. I think this time telling just hits the spot of medium but still fun. It may need changes, to the curve of the watch, for variation of wrist size.”

TokyoFlash Bracelet Watch Design Jeffrey Kortekaas Bracelet Watch Concept

2012 Bracelet Watch Concept
Design by Jeffrey Kortekaas [via]


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