Flutter Mobile Phone by Dua Xiong

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Flutter Mobile Phone
Flutter Mobile Phone by Dua Xiong – Hope you still bear in mind Flutter, the Prop Master’s Option Award winning mobile phone style of 3rd Design of the Future Competition by Kenmore Mobile Phone. Yeah I am talking about the phone that offered you an impression to become able to unfold like a blooming flower. Whenever being folded, the product features a sleek and unique look with a combination of glossy number mat and matt finished body that provides fantastic comfort to the customers when holding. Leading surface comprises an analog watch along with a logo of Whirlpool, which actually sports ths camera underneath. While unfolded, a beautiful touch screen shows that can scroll drastically and comprises each of the controls and functions to allow users interacting with the device and perform different tasks.
Flutter Mobile Phone 2

Flutter Mobile Phone 3 Flutter Mobile Phone 4

Flutter Mobile Phone 5
Design by Dua Xiong


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