Hydromagnificence on Two Wheels


hydromagnificence on two wheels
Hydromagnificence on Two Wheels. The energy the driver jams in to the bike has become changed into electric energy. The relaxation from the bike is made to be light – the frame being all tubes and carbon. The fork is inverted to integrate a front lens along with a camcorder for shooting in the first person perspective! This really is wild.
hydromagnificence on two wheels2


  • Wheels: 24inches
  • Wheelbase: 1084 mm
  • Steering angle: 68°
  • Seat tube angle: 71°
  • Length base: 420 mm
  • Length top tube: 530 mm
  • Fork and shocks: 140 mm
  • Frame: Aluminium tubular frame and carbon frame
  • Engine: Brushless engine
  • Battery: Li-Po

hydromagnificence on two wheels3
hydromagnificence on two wheels4
Design by Charles Edouard


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