LUNE Pocket Radio Concept by Kyle Murphy

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On July 25, 2017
Last modified:February 22, 2012


LUNE Pocket Radio
LUNE Pocket Radio Concept by Kyle Murphy has been made to create the fun and unique software and a new pleasing user interaction experience. The AM/FM radio will be stripped of superfluous dials along with buttons creating a a lot more elegant and rhythmic style, the product or service as entire acting as a single dynamic control. The particular speaker is located about the top surface, the volume dial on the side along with a battery pack around the bottom.

2012 Design Concept LUNE Pocket Radio
Overall, the design is minimal and intuitive, when activated a softly lit 50 percent moon arc reveals. Simply slide the top back along with forth to switch among AM and FM frequencies and also rotate to position to the desired radio station.

Kyle Murphy LUNE Pocket Radio Concept
Design by Kyle Murphy


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