N-Gon Polygon Watch Concept by Heather Sable

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On July 20, 2017
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N Gon Watch
N-Gon Polygon Watch Concept by Heather Sable

Heather says:
“I wanted to make an LCD design that would include seconds, as that is a desirable feature that few currently available watches have. I was also inspired by Sam’s Online watch concept, which uses just the outlines of digits on both sides. I extended the concept by letting the digits be read in the negative space, between changing n-sided polygons (n-gons).

There are six digits of time displayed between the polygons. The top two digits display the hours, the middle two display the minutes, and the bottom two display the seconds. The same display format can be used to show the date as month, day, and year. A stopwatch/countdown timer function would also be a useful feature for many.

People who like cryptic designs, yet appreciate accuracy will be drawn to this concept design, as it features a digital display of seconds.”

2012 N Gon Polygon Watch

Heather Sable N Gon Polygon Watch Concept
Design by Heather Sable [via]


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