Superior Bikes Electric Bicycle by Vojtech Sojka

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Electric Bicycle
After trying the to design the frame with standard diamond look with a complicated dropout system, I decided to eliminate the seat stays which enables the user to put on the belt easily. This solution requires a small weight increase (about 200grams), but manipulating the belt is much easier. Also, it enables a little bit bigger deflection of the rear “triangle”, which improves rider comfort.” Speaking of comfort, the wide Schwalbe Super Moto 2.35” tires also cushion the ride. Even though they complicated the design of the short chainstays, Sojka felt like the extra tire clearance was a worthwhile feature work through in his design. His solution features rear facing dropouts and a pivoting brake caliper flange. “Compared to the other solutions, its much easier to set the right position of the rear wheel and the brake – the whole caliper simply moves with the rear wheel, so the brake will be always in the right position.
Wheel Superior Bikes Electric Bicycle

Bicycle Superior Bikes Electric Concept Superior Bikes Electric Bicycle Design Superior Bikes Electric Bicycle Electric Superior Bikes Superior Bikes Electric Bicycle Vojtech Sojka

Vojtech Sojka Superior Bikes Electric Bicycle
Design by Vojtech Sojka


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