The Little Tender Yacht Concept by Niels Caris

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The Little Tender Yacht
The luxury yacht you’re about to look at passes the name “The Minor Tender” and it’s designed by a mister Niels Caris. It’s a fast 22 foot long boat inspired by vintage Italian Aqua Riva, as well as it’s slick as heck. This boat also contains contemporary influences just like yacht builder Frauscher. You’ll in addition notice some fluid lines and soft volumes looking like their straight off a new 1950s automobile, only a sliding through the atmosphere. This boat was meant to be both lightweight and integrated in features. Table, lighting, along with cleats are flush fitted, anchor and also rear access measures are concealed behind a hatch.
Concept The Little Tender Yacht

Niels Caris The Little Tender Yacht
Design by Niels Caris


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