Bairim Yacht by Timon Sager


bairim yacht
Bairim Yacht by Timon Sager – Creating some thing unusual and landmark in the opulent luxury yacht design world appears to be a tough job. Nonetheless, the new Bairim magnificent idea yacht by Timon Sager continues unique from other luxury boat designs. The elegant lines of the Bairim luxury boat are certainly sound ample to make the rich crave for one. This kind of luxury yacht comes with a no-resistance design, which has been hydro-dynamically enhanced for it to move quickly via rough oceans. It features a stairway guiding the yacht pertaining to trouble-free access both in and also out of the water. State-of-the-art convenience features together with floor-to-ceiling glass windows over the port and also starboard sides improve the beautiful and polished interior of Bairim. The elegant wooden deck uncovers to the interior while using center stairway top you towards the drinking water. Bairim is a dazing submarine built to move quite fast in rough marine environments.
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Design by Timon Sager


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