CAM-Skater DSLR HD-Film Camera Concept by Marcel Gunther

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On August 30, 2017
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CAM Skater DSLR Camera
CAM-Skater DSLR HD-Film Camera Concept by Marcel Gunther is a camera dolly specifically designed for DSLR cameras with a HD-film purpose. Like the typical camera dolly, CAM-Skater incorporates landing gear and a new base plate on which several camera accessories could be mounted. The designer’s strategy was in order to unite the important functions of common camera dollies, however to do consequently with far more flexibility and much less financial expense. CAM-Skater DSLR Camera Concept with a HD-film operate are becoming a serious alternative to expensive film cameras. Your camera dolly CAM-Skater has been especially designed regarding those resources.

Marcel Gunther CAM Skater DSLR Camera Concept
The particular usual camera plate, on which usually several accessories (including swivel heads or tripods) tend to be mounted, is connected to three jib arms. Their particular triangular arrangement provides a new stable construction not necessarily only pertaining to locking light camera equipment however also tripods and light crane assemblies. All jib arms can be removed so how the dolly fits into a travel bag. Skater tires and landing gears are built-in with the jib arms. The actual V-arrangement of the wheels around the track ensures precise camera tracking as well as fluid movement with low rolling resistance. A broad range regarding camera tracks is probable due to the particular flexible tube and also hose profiles in which are utilised as rails. They can be rolled up for efficient storage and also are consequently also less complicated (and less costly) to transport. The actual jib arms keep the particular rails in placement by serving as spacers.

Red Dot Award CAM Skater DSLR Camera Concept
For an ideal camera place, the base plate will be adjustable over 360 degrees. Rubber strips about the base plate provide a new slip-resistant surface and assist to fix the camera. For the motor, a new battery case can be fixed under the base plate. Remote control enables camera shots together with constant speed. Effects like morphing or duplication of subjects and objects inside camera movements are for that reason possible. For better handling as well as design, the particular operating aspects are efficiently arranged pertaining to optimal function. Your lightweight construction, consisting involving aluminium and plastic, improves your dolly’s mobility. CAM-Skater is consequently ideal for shooting inside continuously changing locations.

2012 CAM Skater DSLR HD Film Camera Design
Design by Marcel Gunther for red dot award


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