Cube Watch Design Concept by Scheffer Laszlo

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On August 20, 2017
Last modified:April 16, 2012


Cube Watch
Cube Watch Design Concept by Scheffer Laszlo is a LCD watch concept with color changeable LED backlighting. The upper left 6 segments reveal 5×2 hours and +1 hour. The Six segments in the left botton indicates 5×10 minutes and Five minutes. The 4 segments in the right side of the screen is actually 4×1 minute. Minimal calculating of the time.We all like the idea how the elements of time produce a 3D block as time progresses. How do you feel about this style? What’s your favorite aspect of the design and style. Let us know within the comments section below.

TokyoFlash Cube Watch Design

Scheffer Laszlo Cube Watch Design Concept
Design by Scheffer Laszlo


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