Futuristic Octuri Flying Yacht

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Futuristic Octuri Flying Yacht – As the name suggests the flying luxury yacht by designer Yelken Octuri can be an innovative yacht that can fly. Octuri flying yacht can transform hassle-free into a plane through 4 cell masts, which lowers for being the wings. The sails take in inward into every mast as the masts are brought down for plane mode. Your yacht features two main decks, in which the yacht’s lower deck boasts a main room, the restroom, a kitchen area plus a storage place. In boat method, the sails of the Four masts offer the propulsion. Each and every mast can be oriented individually via a double-jack system, that assures optimal positioning despite the wind direction. The flying luxury boat has been designed specifically for the princes namely Aziz, Dawood and also Hashim, corporate administrators associated with Masqat Airways. Perhaps, the yacht offers an excellent sailing alongside the actual Omani coastline in the airplane version.
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Design by Yelken Octuri


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