iPop iPad Case Concept by Fajno Design

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On August 27, 2017
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iPop iPad Case
iPop iPad Case Concept by Fajno Design is a silicone case for iPad in the shape of a baguette from Fajno design is a thing that is designed not only to protect the body from scratches and bumps. It differs from others with it’s ironic sense, reflecting how art moved from paintings to digital devices. It shows how far we got going forward to new technologies. It renders a tribute to people, who went first and became new Leonardo.(R.I.P. SteveJobs).

2012 iPop iPad Case Concept Design Apple iPop iPad Case Concept Pictures

Fajno Design Colorful iPop iPad Case Concept
Design by Fajno Design


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  1. liv

    01/31/2013, 09:28 pm

    No you don’t understande… I need this.
    I love the bright colors and the subtle irony of the case, as well as its every day playfulness.
    Please make this! I would be so happy!


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