J88 Yacht by Jad Bek Al Shaikh

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J88 Yacht by Jad Bek Al Shaikh
Yachts in general are extremely impressive and entice every visitor whom wishes to spend the holiday at the sea. Having a perfect and a small design, yachts appear to have grabbed the attention of countless. Aside from those common mega yachts on the market today, the J88 yacht simply by Jad Bek al Shaikh is a small and attractive yacht.

J88 Yacht by Jad Bek Al Shaikh 2
Boasting just two levels, J88 yacht looks compact with a closed cabin with an open space with the second level. One’s body of the yacht comes with a sleek design every aspect of the yacht will be carefully constructed. The inside of the yacht can be flawlessly designed, ample to accommodate few visitors. The robust metal steps take us all to the next level of the deliver. J88 yacht is sure to acquire many hearts featuring its breathtaking aesthetics.

Design by Jad Bek al Shaikh


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