MEMO Alzheimer Pill Box Concept by Jules Toulemonde

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On August 24, 2017
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MEMO Alzheimer Pill Box
MEMO Alzheimer Pill Box Concept by Jules Toulemonde is a portable Pillbox regarding alzheimer patients to be able to remind them any time and how several pills to consider, thanks to a great ingenious use of LEDs. Any light with a certain color indicates the color in the box the patient has to take via. Traditionally, medications are divided up using standard trays separated by simply days but even a number of advanced patients possess a hard occasion remember just what day it really is. Made regarding soft touch rubber, aluminum, a small enterprise board, battery and LED lights.

2012 MEMO Alzheimer PillBox Concept Medical Concept MEMO Alzheimer Pill Box Alzheimer MEMO PillBox Design

Jules Toulemonde MEMO Alzheimer PillBox Concept
Design by Jules Toulemonde


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